Friday Five: When I Wake Up Edition

Hello all! It’s good to be here on a Friday, with the weekend beckoning and another parcel of links to share with you all. It’s been a good week here, the sort of week where you feel a little closer to your goals and that you had an okay time getting there. Saw friends, ate well. Even did some exercise. Of course, not being ill has something to do with it too.

But that’s enough waffle. On with the show.

1. Pride of place goes to the news that my friend Dee’s book has been acquired by Orbit! It’s to be called Notorious Sorcerer, and here’s some info from the announcement:

“Notorious Sorcerer invites you into a multi-planed world of wild alchemical magic, chaotic sword fighting street gangs, angry angels and malevolent harpies, and a bickering, bantering romance.”

There’s a lot of my favourite word there, so it’s probably a good idea Dee hadn’t been giving too many details or I’d have been really badgering her for a copy. Still! Next Autumn. Look out for it. Notorious S.R.C.R.

2. Time for some reviews and other related bookish things.

Some places are associated with Horror and some aren’t so much. England’s Home Counties are in the latter, but the anthology ‘Terror Tales of the Home Counties’ by Paul Finch – reviewed here by Blue Book Balloon – might change that a little.

When I saw friends, we went into a bookshop just to bask in the atmosphere. Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan (reviewed by Ariana at Quaint Book Nook) is one of the books I noted as being worth looking at, and Ariana seems to be encouraging me here.

A lot of people have been singing the praise of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Elder Race and Sahi at My World of Books is doing likewise. Think I’ll have to add this one to my list.

The preparation for the worst time of the year continues with Jodie at W&S Bookclub giving us some lists of good books for kids – Middle Grade and Picture Book. Remember people that if you give a kid a book for Christmas, they’re allowed to run off with it immediately and no longer talk to people. Those are the rules.

Also, I never knew Caitlin Moran had written her own Chronicles of Narmo and am hugely grateful to Calmgrove for pointing out this exists.

3. Some sad news with the untimely passing of NPR’s book editor Petra Mayer. Here’s Amal el-Mohtar’s tribute.

4. Writerly advice and inspiration. Starting with the following tweet thread on World Building, which I like a lot of – particularly the emphasis on worlds that serve story, not minute accuracy on shit that just does not matter – but I think it’s a bit prescriptive to how we get there. More importantly, I think the extent to which the world is a character and hooks people is very much undersold. But still worth reading.

I have less to say about Quenby’s thread on flow, and more nodding to do.

Then there’s this little interesting tidbit on writing exercises from Kiingo.

Now the random interesting stuff on the world part of this

5. Finally, fantasy art time! I saw this shortly after last week’s Friday Five and have been waiting patiently to share it because it’s just very cool

And that’s it for this week! Have great weekends.

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