Friday Five: The Blind Cat Edition

Wotcha all. I’ve just been around to some friends and collect the keys for some cat feeding. The cat in question is named Squish, and is a sickly old lady who is blind, and has kidney and respiratory issues. She came up to sniff my hand and then disappeared when there was no food in it, which proves she remains essentially Squish. I’m looking forwards to spending some time with her the next few days; I think everyone likes this arrangement other than Murray, who’s currently sulking at the end of the couch for reasons that may or may not be related.

Now, on with the show.

1. I found this following tweet thread/newsletter from CL Clark particularly inspiring, so it gets pride of place. It’s great advice for everything, and just the sort of joined up life thinking I really appreciate.

2. Blog of the week is The Book Nook, and not just because there’s an Evil Cats Book Tag there now! Ariana and Gemma have interesting taste, and a heap of thoughtful and evocative reviews, like this one of Little White Hands. I always listen to what’s being said there, and it’s prompted me into interest on a number of books.

3. Getting a spot all to itself is this image I found on twitter, that I think is just great.

4. Fellow reviewers, how do we feel about ARCs?

As in specifically, how do you feel about the two following calls.

I know MD Presley well, and I know he’s planning to relaunch his Sol’s Harvest series in January, and is looking to place ARCs in reader’s hands. If anyone is interested in some flintlock/American Civil War-esque fantasy with big intriguing magic and grimdark vibes, get in touch. If anyone wants more of a look, here’s the Goodreads page for the first book, The Woven Ring.

Also, I just saw this tweet

And having had a peek at the description on Insta, it sounds like something a decent amount of people I know are into, so why not give it a yell?

5. Finally, reviews and other pieces of interest

Lord Samper’s Library’s Moorcock kick continues, and has me very interested in this one – Elric: Revenge of the Rose

John Mendez does great breakdowns, and his one on Sharpe’s Tiger by Bernard Cornwell is no exception.

A friend by the name of Little Cabbage Hiurne reminded me that Saad Z. Hossain’s Kundo Wakes Up is coming down the pipeline. I already have it on pre-order because The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday is my probable book of the year at this point, but for not in, maybe have a look.

More from Pellicle on bitterness as a flavour, particularly in relation to the Maltese soft drink Kinnie (I’m tempted to order some now). Intriguing in it’s own right, but I have to say I’m also musing on its thoughts about how bitterness grabs our attention in terms of writing – what’s that can’t overuse but attention grabbing mood in fiction?

Para has a review of The Diviners by Libba Bray, a series that seems to be everywhere in my mentions right now.

Finally, an interesting article at Strange Horizons – Trials By Whiteness: Orientalism and Liberal Multiculturalism

That’s it for this week, have great weekends everyone.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Blind Cat Edition

  1. Gemma and I are honoured you chose our blog to highlight this week, and thank you so much for your kind words. The feeling is certainly mutual!

    I must definitely try that yoga for readers, and I’m glad you posted about the ARC opportunities because I just reached out to Jamie Pacton about her YA fantasy, which sounds up my street!

    Also really enjoyed C. L. Clark’s thread about writing and running – it was in their newsletter earlier in the week and was definitely encouraging, if a little daunting for procrastinators like me who hide away at the idea of needing to work a muscle rather than being able to do something right away!

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