The Princess Bride Movie Review

The title here is misleading. This is less a review of The Princess Bride and more an undignified gushing of praise for probably the greatest fantasy movie ever. Let me put it this way. The Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Conan? Morons.

Well, maybe not morons. In fact quite good films. But not The Princess Bride.

It’s one of those movies that I think most fantasy fans are familiar with even if they’ve never seen it on account of being one of the most endlessly quotable movies ever made. It says something about the quality of a film when lines like “you are trying to kidnap what I have rightfully stolen” and “my way’s not very sportsman-like” slip into the B tier of quotes. Even if you don’t know the movie, you know the quotes.

If you don’t know the movie though, please reconsider that.

It’s not just the lines. It has a great cast, all of them visibly enjoying their work more than should be legal in my mind. They’d be worth watching in a bad story and this is a good one. It’s got the right mix of sincerity and tongue in cheek in the way it celebrates just much it loves the archetypes of classic adventure stories. It loves classic adventure stories like you love classic adventure stories.

Pretty much every scene is great. It juggles its cast adroitly to keep each individual conflict centered around two characters for the vast majority of the movie, which allows them to move quickly and develop a great back and forth. Great fight scenes? Yes. Battles of wits? Of course. The romance is enjoyable – so enjoyable you can believe the small boy in the framing device got over his dislike of kissing stories. Well. For this one.

The ending is perfectly managed. They keep the tension going despite us knowing how it must end to be done right. They deliver what we want in the best way.

I feel like I haven’t squee’d enough about this movie but it’s pretty much impossible to fully articulate just how fun it is. It’s a perfect feel good slice of fantasy. As such, I’ll leave you with the following meme to sum it up.

3 thoughts on “The Princess Bride Movie Review

  1. Lol! Love that meme.
    Princess Bride movie and book are both favs of mine. I read somewhere that the author wrote the screenplay and since then have always believed that’s why the adaptation to film worked. It’s the best book to film adaptation I’ve seen.

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