Friday Five: My Cat Wants Under The Couch Edition

Hello all. This morning, Murray came up to me and indicated he might like some food. He seems very enthusiastic about the idea. So I fed him, left him to it, and went to fix the couch. You see, my couch is a couch bed, and it’s normally in bed mode, but that requires the pull out part to stay hooked to the couch. It often doesn’t. No matter. Easily fixed.

But no sooner than I had started to push thing in to fix in that I heard the scamper of light paws. You see, even more important to Murray than food, is a chance to get under the damn couch and be an absolute nuisance. Fortunately I was able to steer him away but even so, that is the tale of my Friday. How’s yours?

1. We’ll be starting with a tweet that seems like important news among bookish people – namely that our fix will not be coming as readily as we’d like. I’d heard a few mutterings about this; I’ve also seen at least one angry tweet complaining about poor service from a bookshop. If you’re one of the unlucky ones and find yourself tempted to add to that number of tweets, remember this.

2. Blog of the week time. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Nerds of a Feather but if you haven’t, go check out the blog of the week. There’s a huge amount of content there thanks to the large and knowledgeable team working with editors Adri and Joe. To get a feeling for what’s going on there, check out this post in which Adri and Joe read the Hugos Novellas, or this review of S Quioyi Liu’s In The Watchful City by Sean Dowie.

3. More reviews from elsewhere

Steve’s review of RW Krpoun’s Grog over at FanFiAddict has me intrigued and put the book on the mental longlist.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Antoine Bandele and this review from Esme at The Weatherwax Report keeps that ball rolling

If you want to know which books Hiu has been feeding himself to over at the Inn, then come read his set of mini-reviews.

Meanwhile Para at To Other Worlds is doing a great sell job here on The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd Jones

4. Other bookish stuff.

The All Consuming World by Cassandra Khaw is out and I am mildly intrigued to say the least.

There’s a fascinating article on writing fast, with the pros and the cons and everything else, by Tim Waggoner – and also by Tim, a great article on writing tie-in literature

Tor has a list of their favourite standalones for you (which reminds me I need to get on my own).

Also, Wizard’s Tower will be republishing Chaz Brenchley’s Books of Outremer

EDIT: I swear people always come in with interesting stuff just as I hit publish. Melissa Caruso has just started a tweet thread on becoming a full time author – Caruso’s thoughts are always worth checking and congratulations to her.

5. Finally, this tweet is money. Definitely click through for the replies.

Have a great weekend all.

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Cat Wants Under The Couch Edition

    1. Eww.

      Damnit Tarja.

      One of the worst things is when Murray’s about to puke, because he invariably seeks out some soft furnishing rather than the hardwood floor, so I’ve got to push (gently) a sick cat around to get an easy to clean pile of vomit.

      Liked by 2 people

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