Friday Five: One Bored Cat Edition

Hello all. This edition is coming a little in the day because of a little cat who has been continuously demanding playtime today. Even when I took a nap after work, the moment I woke up a little and was considering what to do next there was a determined squeak and he jumped up demanding attention.

Needless to say, highlight of my day.

1. Speaking of highlights, let’s talk blogs.

I very much enjoyed Zezee’s review of Bujold’s classic Paladin of Souls, which matched up with a lot of my own feelings. Such a great book.

Over at Libri Draconis, Fab has been busy putting together a Fab team, with two new bloggers joining. A big welcome to Kat with her review of gothic novel Lady Vago’s Malediction and Anna with her review of alternate London based The Rookery

Dianthaa is back on the reviewing horse with a big old pile of mini reviews – Black Sun, The Left Hand of Darkness, Abhorsen, The Legends of the First Empire, Too Like the Lightning, Piranesi, The Relentless Moon, Season of the Witch

Meanwhile, Katie’s review of Strange Beasts of China confirms that I was right to be sad when I didn’t get it from Netgalley.

2. Onto creating.

I really liked the spirit of this post from Dave (it reminds me of the line “and I write and I wait for the rest of the world to find my pace” from the song Easy Come Easy Go)

Also a big fan of Tessa’s post on creativity here

Been some interesting threads on forums I frequent recently – SFFChronicles has a Best and Worst Writing Advice, which is always a good topic and this one on violence in fantasy at Fantasy Faction popped back up recently with some interesting insights.

3. Taking a step away from the blogosphere to talk some real life stuff here – I just saw that my oldest nephew is now going to school. He’s the first member of my wife’s family who’s been part of it for less time than I have (he was born shortly before we got engaged) and for that reason alone, is slightly my favourite*. It’s a real look at time moment for me. People joke about how time is scary and being old sucks and everything, and with reason, but strip away the fear and it’s really cool to watch someone you know grow and develop. It’s like the ultimate story. So to everyone here watching a kid start a new school or something soon, I hope you find it as cool as I do.

*Let’s be honest, I pick my favourite niece/nephew like I do my favourite cat – whichever one is closest wins. I think they know this, and if they don’t, it’s time they learned how fickle I am.

4. Random cool shit!

This tweet thread from Aliette de Bodard on Vietnamese Cookbooks is essential reading for me at least.

This post on weird and unusual books by Jodi is a cracker and adds to my list of blog post ideas to steal from her which I will get around to one day, I swear I’m working on that A-Z honest.

This release from Luna Press Publishing looks as interesting as the rest of them – Hadithi & The State of Black Speculative Storytelling

Finally, let’s get some early hype going for CL Polk’s hard boiled novella, even if it’s a year away!

5. Finally, here’s a video of the little turd nugget who’s been disturbing me today.

Have a good weekend all!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: One Bored Cat Edition

  1. Aww such a cutie. Our cat loves to bother us to play at night when he knows we want to go to bed, lol.
    Thanks for the shout-out! And for all these interesting links to check out too.

    Liked by 2 people

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