Friday Five: Skipped A Week Edition

Hi all, and welcome to a big old Friday Five that’ll probably skip past five as I’ve got more than one week’s. I’ve no idea to be absolutely honest, but when the scroll bar already takes up half the screen on the no words draft, it’s never a good sign. For me at least. Good sign for you, of course!

How we all doing anyway? The world feels pretty wild right now. I’d imagine for most of my readers this is the sort of time they’ve got carved out for leisure and, well, we can kinda do some leisure but it feels right bloody weird. But like you really need it. Here’s hoping everyone who could just use a couple of days quiet and different gets them. Right, lets crack on.

1. Blog of the week goes to Narratess after Tessa’s post about the revision process caught my eyes. She’s also doing great work with all her Indie Author spotlights, so well worth a browse through and a little of your time.

2. Reviews time!

#SPFBO Review and Cut – The Deathless One by Niranjan K. – BEFOREWEGOBLOG – this one caught my attention due to the title. It’s an intriguing idea, and I appreciate the way GM Nair laid out his opinions here.

Para’s reached her hand into the crazy barrel again over at To Other Worlds and has me intrigued with this review of Amatka

Mayri’s got a great review of a comic I should really read in Monstress.

Finally, Tom Harnett has a review of MD Presley’s Fantasy Worldbuilding Workbook over at FanFiAddict.

3. General reads.

Jessticulates has a look at Australian authors over here

Long read: Drowned Books – Dan Jones has a look at The Tempest and the limitations of written media.

Self Published Fantasy Releases – August 2021 – Rob J Hayes

Beyond the Time Zone Problem: Navigating US Publishing from the Outside – an article by Hanna Alkaf for anyone looking on advice on publishing in the US when not in the US.

OutKast’s ‘Stankonia’ Threw Us To The Wilderness : NPR – Nothing to do with fantasy, but I love OutKast’s Stankonia

nerds of a feather, flock together: Six Books with J.P Oakes ( – Really enjoyed this little article from JP Oakes

Bender David (sorry guys, my head is full of flying kittens) at FanFicAddict had a chat with Cam Johnston, and I’ve got to share this as they’re two great people and also because I just love Cam’s author pic. He sort of looks like a bouncer for a lovely tea shop who has to gently soothe the would be hell’s grannies into putting their stick down and having another cuppa, only this time with less sugar.

The Greatest 80s Fantasy Film Scores ( – Exactly what it says on the tin.

4. Wow, I really overestimated how much I had. This section is for three special reads, two in memory of some of our genre’s greats and one case of a blogger putting her head above the parapet.

The memories?

In Memoriam—Patricia Kennealy-Morrison – SFWA – I’ve never read Patricia’s work, but I do recognise the name, and might have to put the not reading right soon.

Also, I wasn’t the only one to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gemmell’s passing, as witness this post from FanFiAddict here.

And yes, I did just link to one of my own there. What Would Sieben Do, eh?

Finally, a post from Jodie of Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub talking about being Bipolar and how books helped.

5. We will now finish on two great and heartwarming tweets from big time authors.

That’s all folks. Hope you have great weekends. I will now dedicate this post to my evergrowing hated of WordPress’ block editor, always finding ways to make what I want to do more difficult, and peace out.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Skipped A Week Edition

  1. Hey, so good to read a new post!
    Just a correction: Cam’s interview isn’t with Bender, rather with David (FanFic’s ‘main owner’ I think) – Bender reviewed his new book there, though.

    And I thought this was holiday time only for those with children – I know I’ll take my days off when they’re all back at school, not only because things will be much quieter but also because my boss’s got children and he’s out now hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooops to the edit button! And yes, I have been quiet. Not a good few weeks. Should be busier going forwards, but things might get a little filler-y for a while.


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