Friday Five: All Out Of Fardens

Hi peeps.

One of the great bugbears of the Spec Fic community is silly made-up swears, which always sounds like a stupid bugbear until you come across one you hate and all of a sudden it makes sense. Well, my good friend Kat introduced me to one today.


Go on. Say it and try and make it sound like a real swear word. Something you’d enjoy saying. It doesn’t work, does it?

But hey, in some world out there in the imaginarium it’s a swear word, so for one night only, I’m all out of fardens.

1. Happy book birthdays! Shelly Parker-Chan’s much hyped She Who Became The Sun hit the shelves this week, and EJ Beaton’s The Councillor got a book birthday in Oz too.

2. One of the very particular things in life I enjoy is Melissa Caruso talking about her craft. Here’s a tweet thread of it right here:

3. Blog of the week? It’s FanFiAddict. What David and his team are doing is great work, and contains a bunch of different and interesting things. Take, for example, this Map Reveal from Thomas Howard Riley’s upcoming debut We Break Immortals. Map reveals seem like a pretty darn cool idea to me and I’ve not seen it before. Incidentally, catchy title. But there’s a ton of other stuff. I’ve spoken about neurodivergence in fantasy before and will probably speak about it again, they’ve got a bunch of lovely and thoughtful reviewers… just a very good place to follow.

4. Reviews. I’m going to start with an unusual one – one about real world translators – but it sounds fascinating and talks about a concept that has a great amount of possible use in fantasy. So here it is:

The power of the translator to break nations | The Spectator

Also seen a review for Blue Book Balloon: #Review – The Return of the Sorceress by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, a wee novella I’ve been excited to try but didn’t realise was out.

Mr Doom Scribe has a review of Age of Assassins, a cracking little trad fantasy that I like to see loved.

It’s also been Self-Published Authors Appreciation week. Jodi at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub has a big round up of her favourites as well as a ton of other reviews.

And here’s a couple more reviews and round-ups I found elsewhere well worth reading.

Book Review: Will of the Mischief Maker (An Orisha Tale) – Antoine Bandele (

#Indieapril wrap-up – Narratess

5. Finally a cool video of a Moroccan folk tale and about the Seven Stars of the Pleaides, told in Arabic but with English subtitles. I keep getting distracted when I sit down to watch it but I’ve got it embedded here so I’ll remember to watch it at some point and so can you

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: All Out Of Fardens

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Peat! I had a lot of fun putting the map reveal together, so I’m so happy people are liking it. And, Neurodivergence in Fiction is my baby, so I’m over the moon to see it mentioned as well. 😁

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