Friday Five: Shadows on the Wall Edition

This will be a fairly short one as I didn’t really dip my toes into the community that much this week. What you get is an a faint echo, a suggestion of a wider world. Let’s get into it

1. Pride of place is definitely going to this tweet from C.L. Polk, that is delightful and thought provoking all at once. I have no words beyond that which are better than the image itself.

2. The most interesting thing to buy this week I saw was this bestiary of imaginary creatures from SE Asia, Creatures of Near Kingdoms. The work on that website as a whole looks absolutely fascinating and now I just need to make up my mind what I want from there.

3. I will now be embedding three tweets on stories and life in general I found fascinating

4. Let’s link to some blog articles now.

I very much liked this article on A Good Start from Juliana Spink-Mills, which contains the thing I love most in writing conversations – examples of what we think works.

While peeking at blogs earlier in the week, I spotted this review of a Sci-Fi classic that very much intrigued me – well, written, of what sounds like a very interesting book Red Spider, White Web – Cloaked Creators

I enjoyed Maya’s review of Black Jade (Daiyu Wu Mystery #1) by Gloria Oliver too and since I’ve a shortage of murder mysteries set in 1930s Dallas around, might have to take a look.

Finally, for people who don’t like their money, here’s Imyril’s July release round up.

5. Blog of the week time – and this week, Fabienne at Libri Draconis is my choice, because of the sheer amount of thoughtful, honest reviews that go up there. Even when it’s something I’m fairly sure I have little interest in like All Of Us Villains, she still makes it sound like something I want to read.

That’s it, happy weekend all.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Shadows on the Wall Edition

  1. For 3:

    Second tweet – in Portuguese = “It was a time…”

    Third tweet – are they words from real languages, then? At first I thought they were invented ones, but then I noticed a couple of german words that totally made sense hehe. I wish Michael had included the original language for each entry, that’s always something I like to know…

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