Friday Five: Moment of Adrenaline Edition

1. In a refreshing change, SFF twitter’s big thing has been laughing at the announcement that a guy who spends a bunch of time wearing black latex not being into sexy stuff, rather than drama. The jokes have been fantastic. Let’s raise a glass to that. To celebrate, here’s my favourite meme.

2. Blog of the week time! I’ve been mentioning a lot of A Cup of Cyanide posts recently, but this one on What We Devour by Lindsey Miller was doozy. First off, I think it’s a good example of how to do a negative article, straight up and detailed about the flaws seen. Second, I love the effort Katie has gone to with the maths to show how dubious some of the story set up is. That’s Capital C Commitment there.

3. Articles time. Lets start with reviews and interviews.

Pride of place goes to Para’s review of Too Like The Lightning, which is so filled with love I almost feel obliged to try it. Very much intrigued by her review of Akwaeke Emezi’s Pet too.

Fab at Libri Draconis sold me on this Roman Historical novel, The Fort by Adrian Goldsworthy.

Sammy HK Smith’s Anna is a book that I think deserves a bunch of publicity even if I’m not going to read it anytime soon, and here’s an interview with the author on the Hive.

Interested in classic Sci Fi? Ollie has a review of The City Among The Stars by Francis Carsac, although you might be less interested in the book once you’ve read his review.

Finally, I very much enjoyed this review of The Councillor by EJ Beaton over at My World of Books.

4. We’ve also got a bunch of cool general stuff.

The Fantasy Hive is going to do a Women in SFF Photo Challenge which I think is rather cool and I’m looking forwards to posting the odd photo here and there.

Speaking of women in genre, here’s On the Evolution of Female-Driven Gothic Narratives: A Reading List ‹ Literary Hub (

SL Dove Cooper was on the Glasgow ’24 blog talking about Shine On: 6 Aspec SFF Books To Light Up The Future – Glasgow in 2024 (

Another cool list came from Peyton with 50 Fantasy Books With Queer Main Characters • Word Wilderness

It’s been a good week for lists! Here’s Eleni on Music and Song in Books! – BEFOREWEGOBLOG

5. Finally, two good articles for any aspiring new authors out there, which seems appropriate as I seem to be running out of excuses to not submit my manuscript. Who knows, maybe this time in three years or so, this’ll all apply to myself too… one can only dream!

Michael Mammay » Random Things for Debut Authors

Author Advances: An Update for Your Expectations – SFWA

That’s all! Have a good weekend.

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