Friday Five: Bedraggled Cat Edition

Evening all. Or probably morning when you read this, as I’m writing late and most of my audience is UK/Europe based. Or whatever time of day it is. Apparently my third highest source of hits is Thailand? I’m not sure I even know anyone there (sentences that will no doubt prove embarrassing swiftly). Feel free to say hi if you’re reading this from Thailand, or indeed anywhere else.

Anyway. It is late and it’s been a bit of a day, a bit of a week, so let’s just pump these motherfucking links out.

1. A great many high book birthdays! Zen Cho’s Black Water Sister came out this week, as did Ed Cox’s The Wood Bee Queen, Tasha Suri’s The Jasmine Throne, and Dave Wragg’s The Righteous.

I’ve seen interesting stuff about all of them from the buddy read the Fantasy Hive are doing on The Wood Bee Queen to some of the comments on The Jasmine Throne in last week’s Friday Five, to this article by Zen Cho about the writing of Black Water Sister and some of the choice involved:

Writing my culture: a view from the margins – Pan Macmillan

And this interview on The Fantasy Inn with David Wragg:

A Chat with David Wragg – The Fantasy Inn

And he did one with the Hive as well – busy fella!

Interview with Chel and Lemon (THE RIGHTEOUS) | The Fantasy Hive (

Stephen Aryan’s The Coward drops soon too. Tis a good week to be nerdy.

2. Here’s some more opportunities to buy/back cool shit

Alia Terra – Stories from the Dragon Realm by Atthis Arts, LLC — Kickstarter

Ties That Bind: Love in SFF | lunapresspublishing

1) Milton Davis on Twitter: “After much consideration, Yours Truly and Avaloy Studios have decided to make From Here to Timbuktu an indie animation project! Stay tune for more details and your opportunity to support the first Steamfunk animated series!” / Twitter

A Gothic Cookbook by Ella Buchan and Alessandra Pino, with illustrations by Lee Henry : Unbound

3. And here’s some cool articles

Like a Clod of Earth – The Third Place ( (by Max Gladstone)

(1) Joanne Harris on Twitter: “Perhaps we should have #TenTweets about BOOK BLURBS next. It seems rather timely, somehow. Follow the hashtag to collect them all! #TenThingsAboutBookBlurbs” / Twitter

11 Sapphic Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books That Are Spectacularly Queer (

Storytelling in Speculative Fiction Reveals a Buried History – SFWA

4. Blog of the week! Thank the children of Don I included this feature, or I’d be up shit creek.

I’d rather tease the people behind today’s blog of the week than praise them, but I must begrudgingly do so – and mainly feel free to do so knowing they probably won’t read this – they being The Fantasy Inn

And the big reason I’m doing this is for the Common Room Conversations, in which they run author panels in chat room format. As someone who loves the idea of panels but far prefers reading people to listening to people – this is how it should be done. So a big thank you to the Inn, and here’s all the CRCs so far – go put pressure on them to do a ton.

CRC#4: Fantasy of Manners w/ C.L. Polk, Freya Marske, and Olivia Atwater – The Fantasy Inn

CRC#3: Sh*t Hits the Fan w/ Gareth Hanrahan, Jackson Ford, RJ Barker – The Fantasy Inn

CRC#2: Sapphics Rise, Empires Fall w/ C.L. Clark, Tasha Suri, and Shelley Parker-Chan – The Fantasy Inn

CRC #1: Weapons in Fiction w/ John Gwynne and Miles Cameron – The Fantasy Inn

5. I’m outta stuff, so here’s a tweet video of my cat being cute as shit

Have a good weekend all.

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