#musicmonday – Veteran of the Psychic Wars by Blue Öyster Cult

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ (wordpress.com).

It’s the last day of Wyrd & Wonder so I’m returning to the overtly fantasy once more, this time with the classic Heavy Metal anthem Veteran of the Psychic Wars. Its fantasy credentials? It was co-written by Michael Moorcock, and deals with the theme of his Eternal Champion mythology, although it’s also pretty much applicable to any form of post-traumatic experience and tiredness. Just in glorious heavy metal form.

Why do I love this song, other than its perfect connection to the idea of being permanently tired upstairs and wondering if there’s a break from it? I’m just going to steal a description from Jason Heller that nails it. “The drums are tribal. The synths hum like incantations. The guitar is minimal, applied with ritualistic precision”. And Eric Bloom’s vocals are perfect here, a statement of strength and weakness made with gravitas.

Also I really like live versions of songs with two minute guitar solos thrown in for fun.

So that’s my music monday song, let me know what you thought.

Image credit to Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

2 thoughts on “#musicmonday – Veteran of the Psychic Wars by Blue Öyster Cult

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