Wish I Was There: Seven Books I Wish Would Be Video Games

Hi everyone. One of the Wyrd & Wonder prompts was “Book to Screen”. Well, they never said which screen, so here I am with the books I demand are brought to the video game screen, as I don’t have many books I want adapted to screen (except The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday). But games? There’s never enough good games (ignore my Steam library please and thank you). And why watch a story when you can run around its exotic world, meeting interesting people and finding peaceful solutions?

Okay, and sometimes killing them. Here’s the Seven I’d love to visit.

The Wounded Kingdoms by RJ Barker

In my mind’s eye, The Wounded Kingdoms are a big ol’ rural-gothic-medieval creepfest of dingy light, decaying structures, and fantastic ambush spots. I don’t know whether The Wounded Kingdoms would be best brought to life as an Assassin’s Creed type game where you emulate the example of one Girton Clubfoot, or some Mount & Blade style petty king stuff where you must juggle Landsmen, assassins, and batshit crazy priests. Maybe there should be one of each.

The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee

To be quite honest, I could stop the article here. This is the best idea here and we all need to campaign vigorously for it to happen. Who doesn’t want to play a game that would be a mix of Grand Theft Auto and beat ’em up games, using your superhuman abilities to advance your family’s territory before getting screwed over? And why don’t you? I mean, I hate fun, and even I badly want this game. Badly.

Dominions of the Fallen by Aliette de Bodard

I mainly want this game to wander around a very Gothic wrecked looking Paris and be sneaky. I mean, I’d follow the storyline, but I’m mainly here because the atmosphere would be gorgeous. Yes, I could go to Paris, but, eh, well… anyway, I think this’d make a great investigative RPG, like those old Vampire: The Masquerade games.

The Killing Moon by NK Jemisin

Okay, first off, Gujaareh would look awesome if done right. That’s one big reason I thought of this. The even bigger one is a bunch of the game would be going inside people’s dreams to release them. It would be kinda like Spiritfarer, only more beautiful and involved, and with less resource management and the rest of it. Just dreams and ancient cities.

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock

Another setting I just want to wander around. It’d probably be murder to draw, but ancient forests are beautiful things to wander around. The bit that really intrigues me about this would be what if your actions started shaping the Mythagos you meet? It might take a little bit of trickery to do, but that’d lend so much interest and replay factor to this.

Temeraire by Naomi Novik

Dragon on dragon and warship combat.

That’s it. That’s the pitch. I don’t need a story, I just need to pilot dragons to victory against the Corsican Ogre’s ghastly might, please and thank you.

Valdermar by Mercedes Lackey

So, I think you could make a great Valdemar: Total War game out of the setting Lackey’s given us.

I don’t think she’d ever go for it. Not her style. But she really gives her nations distinct styles of warfare and magic, and a ton of magical creatures. Who doesn’t want to send their gryphons in to give some Karsite Black Robes a horrible day? Or rely on your undermanned armies and handful of Heralds to keep those damn Hardornen of your border? You might have to fiddle with some book lore, but it’d be pretty interesting to me.

Let me know if there’s any books you think would make good computer games, or have great ideas on how to get The Green Bones computer game to happen.

Image credit to Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com

6 thoughts on “Wish I Was There: Seven Books I Wish Would Be Video Games

  1. Absolutely fuck yes to a Green Bone GTA game. Lots of potential for familial drama and inter-clan political fuckery too, where the choices you make could have big in-game consequences.

    I’ve not read the Dominion of the Fallen books yet, but I can picture perfectly the exact gothic ruined Paris vibe and I’m fully on board.

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  2. Killing Moon and Mythago Wood — yes, I can just imagine those games playing out! It would give the players some non-stop action items, and the artwork (not sure if this is the right term for gaming?) would be mesmerizing if done right. I haven’t ever read Valdemar, but given the multiple books in this series, surely that would help the scale of the game. Food for thought, indeed.

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