Friday Five: Half Here, Half There Edition

Hi all. This might be something of a short one, but here’s a few bits and pieces that might interest people.

1. I have yet to listen to this myself – and very much hope there will be a transcript as frankly my ability to spend large amounts of time listening to people talk on a screen without some accompanying task (or getting paid) is shot – but I have it on good authority that Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tolkien Lecture is excellent. So if your ability to listening to people talk on a screen isn’t shot, give it a go. Or maybe look at the other ones too. I leave the link for now

2. I don’t have many links saved up this week – nothing like a busy work week and trying to do four reviews in a day to get in the way – but what I do have is the following:

I enjoyed this review by Alex as I don’t don’t know a huge amount about Dune, and it’s always interesting to get an insightful look at books that stray from a series’ norms BOOK REVIEW: House Harkonnen, by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson – At Boundary’s Edge (

I’ve also got a few round up posts saved in case people are struggling for new books to read, which is a terrible affliction that we must fight at all costs.

June Hype Post! – Libri Draconis

Fantasy debuts you may have missed – Part II (

Fantasy debuts you may have missed – Part I (

I also enjoyed this article on writing advice, and hope that the translate function didn’t take me (or you) too far astray – Dicas de escrita #8: Desmistificando os conselhos de escrita mais comuns (

3. Speaking of new things to read, I went off to a friend asking for advice on where to start with the John Constantine comics and staggered away from the conversation with recommendations to read Saga, The Wicked and the Divine, East of West, The Boys, Transmetropolitan, Monstress, and Die.

I mention this because

a) Look! Comics recs for you too.

b) I’m getting comics recs, maybe I’ll get more by putting this up

c) Still need to know of a good place to start with John Constantine

d) This is a solid example of how the recs process should work. Count no soul happy unless they have a Want To Read list that would be taller than themselves.

Incidentally, since said friend complained about my never referencing their stuff last week, here’s a link in case anyone wants to read some theoretical physics papers. It’s like fantasy except there’s allegedly proof it could be real, nobody else can understand it, and nobody mentions second breakfast.

Jonathan Cheyne – INSPIRE (

Never say I do nothing for you.

4. Fuck, I’m running out of material. Okay, here’s books for all the Wyrd & Wonder prompts I think I’m unlikely to get to.

6: Fly My Pretties – I might do a blog post on this, but Lackey’s series starting with The Black Gryphon was my first thought. Okay, second thought after I realised the phoenix wasn’t on Carpe Jugulum’s cover (or is it?)

9: Spine Poetry. Hmm, let’s go fully Pratchetian on this one:

Lords and Ladies,
I shall wear Midnight;
Night Watch,
Only you can save mankind;
Interesting Times, The Truth,
Small Gods – Thief of Time,
The Last Hero, Feet of Clay;

11: I’m not a big fan of reluctant heroes. Reluctant heroes are waiting for the world to spin. Still, they have their place. A classic one – Master Frodo himself, most unfairly impugned of hobbits. And a recent one – Madeleine, the alchemist from De Bodard’s Dominions of the Fallen.

13: Had me at Hello. Oh gods. The pickier I’ve gotten, the less this happens. Even when covers wow me, I still feel unmoved. Oh wow. Hmm. I guess The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. Oh wait. Hearing The Moonsteel Crown has influences from Exalted made me very excited.

17: One of these days I’ll get into Frohock’s Los Nefilim I swear.

19: Who’s afraid of the suck fairy? NOT ME. That said, I found the comic Artesia and Morwood’s The Demon Lord a step worse than I remembered. And Pierce’s Lioness Rampant. I’m still not afraid of the suck fairy though.

20: Who wants to see a cover with a flying unicorn and a pissed off wolf? That’s right, youse peeps

5. Finally, someone brought to my attention the following article

Shadow and Bone author Leigh Bardugo: ‘People sneer at the things women and girls love’ | Leigh Bardugo | The Guardian

It’s an interesting read, mostly focused on matters other than the headline. I did have a long piece written about the headline, but it seemed to be adding nothing much to such discussions for me. If people are curious, I guess I can rewrite it some time. But for, now go read Bardugo’s words, and then maybe go read her books (I’ve got Rule of Wolves open swear I’m gonna start it soon).

That’s it, happy weekend.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Half Here, Half There Edition

  1. I second the recs for Saga, The Wicked and the Divine, and Monstress. I liked the artwork of Monstress the most, and the story in Saga was awesome (even if it IS rather long). And thanks for the Spine Poetry 🙂

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  2. I recently heard great things about The Wicked and Divine and have done nothing about it. Thanks for the reminder.
    Where to start with Constantine? I started with Original Sins and it was fine. I know he appears in Swamp Thing first, but I didn’t bother with that because a couple of those stories were included in the Original Sins volume and *embarassed cough* I can’t get on with Swamp Thing, (shameful, I know).
    I’ve only read Original Sins and The Devil You Know though, so I’m not any kind of authority!
    Hope this helps. 🙂

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