#musicmonday – Beloved by VNV Nation

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ (wordpress.com).

This song is coming to you from a place of melancholy and love. It’s half ten where I am, lying on a couch in a basement and grappling with the fact that my latest visit to one of my homes is coming to an end, and that no sooner am I back in my other home will I have to grapple with a permanent(for now) move back across the pond. It is a very great adventure to fall in love with someone a continent away, but it is also a lot of goodbyes.

Anyway! The song. I first heard this song ages ago and sorta liked it but sorta found it a little overmuch, then one day I found the orchestral version and my mind was blown. So here’s the orchestral version.

I think what makes VNV Nation so good is the way they capture two emotions at once, and let them twine and spiral together to create something greater than either emotion alone. I already kinda made that point when I made Legion my song of the week (VNV Nation, first band to hit this slot twice) but goshdarn it if I don’t need to make it again. Yes, Ronan’s voice and words are filled with pain, but there is also pride and a sense of wonder at what he got to experience. Those are two truths, neither more or less important than the other, irrevocably tied to each other. The orchestral arrangement of this song supports that impeccably, letting us flow with Ronan’s emotions and our own.

It’s a really beautiful song. I’m not even listening to it as I write this because my wife is still asleep and I can’t be arsed to find my headphones, but then I don’t need to. It’s one of those songs where I only need to close my eyes and hear it all again in my head – and I hope it finds someone reading this the same way.

But that is my truth, tell me yours.

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