Wyrd, Wonder, And A Shoddily Planned Adventure

Credit for this image goes to Svetlana Alyuk on 123RF.com and a big thank you to her for licensing it all to Wyrd & Wonder

It is the 1st of May, which means a lot of things. It means one of my sister-in-laws is getting married today. It means that my brother in law is grousing about cutting the grass. It means a holiday on Monday back in the UK, although I’ll already be on holiday.

And here, it means the start of Wyrd & Wonder, the month long celebration of fantasy hosted by Imyril at One More, Lisa at Dear Geek Place, and Jorie at Jorie Loves a Story. For those unfamiliar with it, this welcome post by Imyril is a good introduction – there’s always room for one more blogger.

Now, many of us are starting the party by talking about our TBR lists and other plans for the month.

Which I think is a great idea except I have very little to say.

I will be joining the readalong of Andrea Stewart’s The Bone Shard Daughter. I’ve been looking forwards to this for a while and have an ARC and everything.

Speaking of ARCs, that reminds me of the colossal pile of books I have started and not finished. Most of the books from this post in February are still outstanding, and I’ve added a few more ARCs I haven’t started, and I’ve also started James Islington’s The Shadow of What Was Once Lost, Stephen Deas’ The Moonsteel Crown, Tade Thompson’s Rosewater, and CJ Cherryh’s The Well of Shiuan in the meantime along with a few others I may be forgetting.

I’m also considering – considering – starting Jacqueline Carey’s Banewreaker, some of T Frohock’s Los Nefilim, continuing with Michael McClung’s series that started with The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids, maybe some Lindsay Buroker, probably some more Pratchett rereads, maybe a Fionavar Tapestry re-read, etc.etc.

In short, I have no idea what I’m doing. I will probably be returning to regular blogging here – I have a bunch semi-planned for this month – but life is about to get busy when I return from holiday so who knows for sure.

Still, the best way to blog is to build a routine, and this is the sound of me getting my toes back in the water. Here’s to great Wyrd & Wonder!

8 thoughts on “Wyrd, Wonder, And A Shoddily Planned Adventure

  1. I didn’t get to do much blogging in April, so I planned a ridiculous amount of things for W&W and I fully expect to collapse in an exhausted heap come June. Which is to say, maybe no plan is better than too much plan.

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  2. I’m hoping to read The Bone Shard Daughter as well! But I’ll probably fall behind with the chapter plans each week and end up reading it at the end of the month. I hope you’re able to get back in the swing of things with this event! It’s always nice to have a challenge or prompts to help boost some motivation and inspiration. Happy reading!

    Here’s my sign-up post: https://www.mollysbooknook.com/wyrd-wonder-month-long-adventureture/

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    1. Hi Molly! Excited to see so many comics on your list, it’s a part of fantasy reading I’ve been short of on recs for a while. Really love the cover of Marie of the Dragons too.

      And Shadow of the Gods should be on my TBR too. Maybe I’ll get to it this month…


  3. Hallo, Hallo Peat,

    I feel your pain! It is the hardest for me EVERY year to choose which stories to read and which stories need to be saved for the ‘following’ Wyrd And Wonder. I’m starting to get this right though – I’ve been off to a good start until today where I ran into a few unforeseen issues in my reading queues for the event!! One series is unexpectedly being re-edited/re-released so I stepped out of it for now. Then, I had one of those weird days where everything I tried to read next just didn’t float my boat as I had hoped. So I floundered a bit on Day 3, truth be told. Blessedly I had a strong start this year – over our first weekend I released 2x reviews and my Year 4 Intro Post which was brilliant as I usually fall behind everyone else.

    The way I feel about it — pick up as many books as you can, see what you can feel immersed inside and rock it!

    Don’t stress about what you can’t get to either – we have those moments! And, yes, even I have a HUGE backlogue I’ve been trying to erase for a few years now myself.

    Glad to have you with us and may you find a lot of lovely #unputdownable reads!!

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    1. Thanks Jorie! Hoping to get fully stuck in this weekend once things get less busy. Good news is I’ve got lots of reviews stored up to use, and the challenge prompts are great as ever so lots of article ideas too. The only real uncertainty is what I’ll read!

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