#musicmonday – The Boys from the County Hell by The Pogues

Welcome all to a deliberately late Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ (wordpress.com) and goes out on Monday most places but is being released on Tuesday here just to annoy Shannon at Two Pint and a Paperback.

Anyway. Songs and genres that shape my tastes. We’re now nearly at the end of this road and damnit if I didn’t dither on whether to do folk or hip-hop. For a little while I was going to do The Rocky Road to Dublin as the sort of folk that approaches some of hip-hop’s ideas from a parallel development angle, but my does that sound dumb when written out. Yes, I know written things don’t sound like anything, but I talk to myself in my head when I write. And instead I’ve gone with The Boys from the County Hell, the song that got me into folk.

There’s a not particularly interesting story attached to this. One time on a forum, someone posted for the song they’d want in the fight scene in the movie of their life. I think I went with Rage Against The Machine – I am willing to believe a human listening to Bulls on Parade is invincible – or At The Gates, but a few people went with The Pogues. One went with The Sickbed of Cuchulainn, another went with this humdinger:

There really is just a huge air of jaunty belligerence to this song, an all comers challenge to the world – and McGowan’s lyrics both glory in it and put the grim reality of where it comes from front and centre. I’ve always enjoyed The Pogues’ music – it’s just so damn alive – but it’s McGowan’s lyrics and delivery that elevate them to one of my favourite bands.

But that is my truth, tell me yours.

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