Friday Five: Chicken Powder Edition

Yesterday I made a meal that was meant to use Chinese Chicken Powder. I’d never heard of it before. But today a friend found it and hey, it looks like it’ll make everything taste better (mainly because salt and sugar are major ingredients). And for me, this Friday Five roundup is kinda like that; there’s a fair few things in it that I wasn’t really truly aware of, but knowing will make your life better.

That’s my excuse for this title and I’m sticking to it.

1. After featuring Lynn’s tweet last week, I asked if she had any more good resources on books that feature aromantic and asexual characters. Of course she did, and here’s the links she kindly provided. The AroAce Database was her first suggestion due to its comprehensive nature – it covers 543 stories at date of writing and you can search in it to find exactly the sort of story and representation you’re looking for. There’s also resources available at Romantic/Sexual Orientation | LGBTQ Reads and Books with Asexual Main Characters – Quiet YA Reads ( So if you’re interested in looking further into this, here’s a good start. Thanks again Lynn!

2. Congrats to Ed Cox for the announcement of his new book, The Wood Bee Queen. Other interesting book release news I saw is that Dan Fitzgerald has finished his The Maer Trilogy; Arkady Martine’s A Desolation Called Peace is out; and the UK paperback publication of Kate Elliott’s Unconquerable Sun. C.M. Caplan’s debut The Sword in the Street has been covered here already, but I’ll nudge again. Finally, Jed Hearne has announced an interesting new feature on his website in a newsletter compiling small press release news, which I think is a really cool thing indeed.

3. Speaking of small presses, lets celebrate them and a few Indie Collectives too. It’s a part of the genre I’ve been meaning to get into more recently and one of these days I will properly. Everybody (well, a lot of people) knows Angry Robot and Rebellion Publications and the like, but what about Wizard’s Tower and Fox Spirit and Snowy Wings to pick just three? What about collectives like Sigil Independent and Kraken? This is a small slice, so I’ll link to this tweet from JonBob at Parsecs & Parchments that collected far, far more recs.

Oh, and I saw this tweet from Luna Press announcing discounts literally within seconds of publishing this. Serendipity!

4. In the random cool shit category, I very much enjoyed this tweet thread from Adri Joy on using Story Engine cards. And in continued coverage of the MD Presley show, go fill out his survey on fantasy creatures and look at his map infographic here.

5. To end on a more serious note, I saw two pieces on differing viewpoints that I found thought provoking. I don’t have much to say about them – their words speak better for themselves than I do – but I see them both as reinforcing the need to change book conversations from “this is unrealistic” to “this didn’t meet my expectations”. Here’s the links –The Invisible Nature of Power and Privilege – Themes from Chronicles of the Bitch Queen – K.S. Villoso and Tade Thompson on Twitter: “One of the things that drove me away from writing workshops was the believability argument. Experiences common in the black community, especially black African community, were often said to be unbelievable. If you explain that this is not unusual (E.g. the mob burning of” / Twitter

Thank you all for reading, and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Chicken Powder Edition

  1. That believability thread is very interesting. I actually touched on something similar in my review of Phoenix Extravagant where I said something about a particular moment of that book being a bit eye-rolley for me cos I couldn’t see someone acting like that in their particular situation. But as I was writing the sentence it occurred to me I was projecting and someone else very well might react that way. It was a very stream-of-consciousness moment in a book review but it felt important to leave it in the published version cos you can almost see the cogs turning in my head lol.

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