Friday Five: Time Flies When You’re Not Having Fun Edition

Good grief, where did that week go? If I stop to remember it, I’m sure some details will emerge. Some of them emerge looking at the links I’ve got saved for this. There’s a lot of links – I’m stretching the idea of Friday Five here to be honest – so let’s get to it.

  1. It’s Black History Month across the pond, and that means opportunity at TorDotCom’s short fic spotlight with Alex Brown. Go go take advantage if you’re a Black spec fic writer. Speaking of Black short fiction, I really enjoyed Suzan Palumbo’s Laughter Among the Trees, my recommended short story of the week. This also seems a good spot to mention Idris Elba’s planned Afro-futuristic sci-fi anime Dantai too.
  2. I also found two really talented artists on twitter that I look forwards to seeing more of – Markia Jenai and Ya Lun – and I stick their names out there for you to go ‘ooh’ at
  3. Interviews: Kieron Gillen, Alyssa Wong and George Saunders
  4. New books news! Stephen Deas caught my attention for The Moonsteel Crown by revealing it was based on Exalted homebrew (Exalted having the greatest tabletop RPG background in history). Namina Forna’s The Gilded Ones was published in the UK this week. Finally, Gavin G Smith has a little roundup of the books he and his friends have coming out soon here. And not new, but very cheap, there’s a Warhammer Humble Bundle.
  5. Fucking genius eh? Have a million links, cram them altogether so there’s no fifth. I’d do personal witterings, but that will be Saturdays now, you lucky things. Let’s have a look at some other blogs then since I’ve run out of words. Ollie at Infinite Speculation and Superstardrifter both have reviews of The Moonsteel Crown (authors, talk of your influences to get people to shill like mad). FirstBreaths reviewed EJ Beaton’s The Councillor, which is suddenly getting a lot of buzz, and I always enjoy First Line Reader’s looks at translating Harry Potter into Danish. Finally, if you want to see JonBob hate on things at Parsecs&Parchment, step right this way.
  6. And having struggled to get five, I suddenly have six – go look at this new magazine IndieBites starting with Vampires & Voyages.

Have a good weekend all.

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