Friday Five: Overload Edition

Happy incipient weekend all! This week, there’s been a lot of interesting bits and pieces around, and this could have been a lot longer. Let’s get cracking.

  1. Some fun news from the world of publishing. I very much doubt there’ll be many BIPOC authors who haven’t seen LD Lewis’ news about acquiring novellas for Tordotcom, but if you haven’t, be excited. In April. Lunar Press Publishing, who’ve attracted my attention with their academic stuff, have also posted about their open subs dates. Finally, to celebrate Fox Spirit’s Monster anthologies, there’s an interview with Margret Helgadottir over at Womble’s.
  2. Con season has resulted in some pretty cool videos, or at least I presume they’re cool as I hate taking in information by listening and have yet to listen. But I will! Honest! Maybe. The two especially on my list are Flights of Foundry on Twitter: “Today’s convention release is Plot & Revision, a great panel conversation between @melisscaru, @vsandbrook, @valerievaldes, and @marthawells1! Check it out here, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more goodies!” / Twitter and FanFiAddict Hosts TBRcon21 January 25th-30th on Twitter: “ICYMI – The Intersection of Neurodivergence & SFF Writing w/ @eabwrites @Blind_Nycteris @EssaHansen & @SonoraReyes, moderated by @TheFantasyInn’s own @tctippens is up for post-recording viewability! #TBRcon21” / Twitter
  3. More great information can be found on Sarah Mughal Rana’s tweet thread on Muslim Representation in Media and Stories, and while I’m on this sort of subject, I strongly urge people to check out Ali Olomi’s threads on Islamic Esoterism, as he’s basically giving away a free book there.
  4. My very favourite links this week are these two – Strange Horizons – Freshly Remember’d: Kirk Drift By Erin Horáková and Shakespeare in the Bush | Natural History Magazine – as they gave me a really, really good look at familiar stories in a different way. The first one in particular was sunlight on the soul in terms of pointing out how perceptions of masculinity have changed. Now I want to watch the original Star Trek, something I’ve never done before.
  5. Right, enough of other people being better than me, time to pamper my fragile ego by talking about myself. The sun is shining, and that makes it a bit easier to be a tad more optimistic about the ongoing pandemic situation. I feel like a lot of us have hit the stage where our coping strategies have failed – and I know the deaths keep coming, tragic for the unlucky and reminders of constant dread for those who are lucky. Even those of us who survive with ourselves and our families physically unscathed are likely to bear mental marks. I know I’m becoming far more thin-skinned again. The easy – maybe sensible – choice would be to curl up in a ball and hibernate, but I know some semblance of keeping moving and being useful will help. Reviews aren’t much, but they’re something.
    Up next here are reviews of The Book of Three and Jingo, and maybe The Hollow Empire if I really get a shift on. There may be some group reads too. My The Legend of Korra watch through will continue, although I might take a break between seasons. There’s a few history books that deserve short reviews, and I think I might do a round-up review of some of the cook books I’ve been using. Retro read wise, I think I’ll be hitting up Clark Ashton Smith next.
    Writing wise, I’m still picking at ideas, adding lines here and there. People seemed to like Professional Barbarian Heroes, so the good news is there’s a few more chapters of that already written.

And that’s it. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the links, and have a great weekend.

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