Friday Five

It’s technically not Friday any more, but I do have some shizzle to share.

  1. I found this article from Arina on non-binary Spec-Fic writers and their motivation/journeys to be interesting – I always like interviews, and this of course is a bunch of one of them in one spot.
  2. I’m not the only person doing something cool on Fridays. Well. Since this isn’t cool, and it’s not on Friday, maybe it’s more accurate to say here’s a cool thing another blogger does on Fridays. Namely Eriophora’s Short Fiction Fridays. Martha Wells’ The Salt Witch last week is the one that caught my attention, but I plan to check in on this one reasonably regularly.
  3. I read Rin’s post on negative book criticism with a bit of hmm’ing and huh’ing and not being quite sure what I thought. Then I came to back to my draft post for this and found I’d stuck down Dianthaa’s rant on Rhythm of War as something to highlight, which forced me to clarify my thoughts on the matter. I personally try to avoid doing negative reviews myself for a bunch of reasons. But, I do enjoy a good snarky review. I very much appreciated the argument made for snark in this review on Mantell’s snarky essays. I own an ebook of Jay Rayner’s 20 most savage restaurant reviews for crying out loud. And yet – when people make the case for negative book reviews, I still recoil instinctively. Why? I guess a big part of it is I’m here for conversations and learning. You can still be critical in that – have to be – but the closer we get to the big grandstanding takedown, the more possible conversations disappear. Which is fine. Not every conversation can be had, not every conversation is wanted. Nevertheless, I am wary of it. But probably not so wary that I wouldn’t do a savaging of, say, Ready Player Two for a hundred quid. Still, interesting to think about – and I can’t help but wonder what the ethos would be if fantasy reviewers weren’t so close to fantasy authors.
  4. The top tens are starting to come out now, in term for that last minute Christmas shopping; Womble has six posts full of present ideas, Dave at espressococo has his top thrillers and top fantasy books. I’m sure more best of lists will be coming. I’m trying to think what lists I’ll be doing, and what lists I could do that’d maybe offer something a little different, and for that Rin’s 100+ ideas for Year lists is a great start. Maybe a bit demented, but great.
  5. At this point I am tired of posting about Melissa Caruso’s twitter writing craft threads every week, just follow her. She has a cute dog too. I’m not saying we should love authors based on the quality of their pets, but that’s just how it works.
This is a blatant piece of pandering to the internet in the name of popularity and I make zero apologies.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Thanks for the mention Peat!
    Proximity to authors definitely comes into how I deal with negative reviews, if I dislike a book from a less-known author, even if I’m not personally close to them, I usually write a mini-review and hide it in a post with a few others, or just write a few lines on Goodreads. I wouldn’t put it on blast on twitter and everywhere, and I rein in the snark.
    I also don’t really crosspost my negative reviews of extremely popular books (I mean, I say negative reviewS but I think I wrote about 5 of them) to reddit because I haven’t got the energy for 50 people to tell me how I’m wrong and should actually like it.

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  2. Oh look, I got mentioned in an “okay” way (twice)!

    I have no excuse for my 100+ list. ‘Demented’ is accurate.

    P.S. your cat is upside down. (Or maybe right side up, I don’t know with cats anymore.)

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    1. Demented greatness needs no excuse!

      And yeah, he was upside down. He also gets a little demented sometimes.

      I have to say, the more I see the twitter response to “Worst of” lists (that I see absolutely none of), the more I find myself agreeing with what you wrote.

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      1. I think I’m definitely learning about the pov of “no ‘worst of'” lists. At least I can see where they’re coming from. They seem to be talking about a very specific type of blogger who uses specific language. (I also have seen none of it.) But I stand by my opinion that it’s unrealistic to expect people not to write about things they don’t like.

        I have seen people liken it to the cruelty of posting “worst of” lists for blog posts. But….okay? I mean, you *can* do that. Entries are public, and when you post them, people can and will disagree with them. That’s the nature of blogging on the internet? Do….do people not know that? I wouldn’t be happy if someone stuck me on their list, but I won’t deny that the person has the full right to do so.

        I also saw someone likening it to having a family member’s book put on someone’s “worst of” list. I have an immediate relative that’s in entertainment, and they’ve been called out negatively by publications and reviewers. It hurts to see, but it’s part of the job’s reality. We’ve lived with it for years. Another immediate relative is seriously working on a SFF book that they intend to see through publication (and I believe they will achieve that.) I’m kind of dreading when it makes the rounds of readers and reviewers, but my relative has accepted the reality of a public work, and so do I. It’s not some terrible nightmare to be criticized; it’s just normal reality.

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