Friday Five – Slumping Again Edition

  1. This will not be a very outward looking Friday Five, as my reading slump has extended to just general genre things, but I did find two great reviews today that I wanted to share. The first is John Mendez’s extremely lengthy and spoiler filled dissection of Ashes of the Sun. Like, SO MANY SPOILERS THERE’S ALMOST NO POINT READING THE BOOK. I’m putting that in all caps because what most people mean by spoilers and Mendez mean by spoilers are very different things. But still very worth reading. The other is Jonathan Thornton’s review of Fantastic Tales by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, a historically important piece of Italian Gothic that Thornton really sells.
  2. I have not yet read Brit E.B. Hvide’s short story Words We Say Instead but the tweet made it sound pretty interesting, so it’s staying open in a tweet until I do.
  3. So as I said, I’m slumping hard. I’ve got a bunch of books notionally on the go but none of it seems to be worth the investment. I guess that’s fine? But annoying. In any case, the main new book I’m trying to use to power through is Daniel Abraham’s A Shadow in Summer, which I’d currently best describe with the damning faint half-praise of ambitious. Maybe I should start a few more books in the hope I find something that clicks?
  4. So what I been doing instead. A lot of TV watching. A fair bit of computer gaming. A lot of short, quick reward activities. I’ve also managed to fall over while trying to get out of a bath, revealing that I’ve already hit old age before I’m already out of my 30s.
  5. Why the rat did I pick 5 for these? I’ve got nothing.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Slumping Again Edition

  1. My feelings here at the end of 2020 are to double down on ‘if it’s not working for you, don’t waste time pushing through’. In past years, there’s been a chance it would all come together for me at the end; 2020 hasn’t been a year for that (for me). I’d start a bunch of other books – knowing me, novellas or rereads to soften me up 🙂

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    1. Even the rereads aren’t working! I dunno. Normally I’m very much DNF Early and DNF Often, but I’d like some sense of achievement, and that does mean finishing something… so, not quite sure what I’ll do.


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