A Novella Reading Spree: In Which I Talk About Recs Received

It was at some time in November I finally set my reading goal for the year. Two hundred books. It just sounds a cool number, right? I might never have the time to hit that again, so it’d be nice to it once. As things stand I’m at 169, so that pretty much means a […]

Shards of Honour by Lois McMaster Bujold

(moderate spoilers) The original start of this review was me accusing Bujold of crimes against her readers for having only one book with Cordelia as a lead. There are, of course, two. But bear with me. I’m a newbie to the Vorkosigan saga; that’s why I’m reviewing Shards of Honour after all. Rest assured I […]

Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber

(mild spoilers) One of the interesting parts about delving into fantasy’s backlist is getting to see authors’ inspirations at work. When I delved into Swords and Deviltry, a collection of short stories that serves as the novel debut for Fritz Leiber’s heroic duo of the Grey Mouser and Fahfrd, and their dangerous home of Lankhmar, […]

The Influences of Early Commercial Epic Fantasy Authors

The purpose of this post is to give a quick overview of just who the authors behind that big wave of Epic Fantasy in the 70s-90s that reshaped perceptions of the genre listed as their influences. The hope is it can serve as a stepping stone towards a better understanding of these authors and some […]

#musicmonday – Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ ( I felt the need for something uplifting this week. Now, many of us have had our Two Steps From Hell phases. The couple of days, the week, where we play them […]

Sharpe’s Gold by Bernard Cornwell

(moderate spoilers) As I talked about in my Sharpe’s Eagle review, the character of Richard Sharpe lives a life of glamouous masculine adventure with just enough filth and grit to keep it balanced. And in Sharpe’s Gold, the second book of the series, Bernard Cornwell shows just how true that is. Take the set up. […]

The Swordsman and the Sorcerer by Peat

Hello all, it’s story time with Uncle Peat. This one is a bit sweary and a bit bloody, so you’ve been warned. It’s about 7k words, and I hope you enjoy. Nelevo ran. He ran past looming menacing shadows, through rain and branches that whipped back in his face, over the slick leaf mould. He […]

Winter Warriors by David Gemmell

(moderate spoilers) Strength. We think of it mostly as the power to do. To lift, to force through. But in a sense, it’s the power to endure; the power of being able to do over and over, longer than others, if you will. The sort of strength we talk about when we talk of the […]

Friday Five: The Cat’s Betrayal Strikes Again Edition

Well hello again. It is Friday, I give you lots of good links and sometimes I talk at you. For many of us this is a busy weekend as we are either celebrating the turkeymas (for some with fake turkey), or the discountmas (even more often with fake discounts). It’s certainly busy here as me […]

FF Story Winner: Small Time Crooks by Alex Hormann

I have been a member of the Fantasy Faction forum for getting on for five years now and one of the best things about the community has been the writing contest – it’s only 1500 words so come give it a go! Contest winners were posted on the website but that hasn’t happened for a while, so I’ve been asked […]


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