Friday Five: Inconsequential Fluff Edition

I really haven’t noticed too much of interest to shout about in the fantasy community in the past week, possibly due to the odd report of political news here and there. So this post will be very self-centered. Nevertheless, there are a few things happening. So a happy book birthday to Devin Madson, reviewed here […]

Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

There are stories that function most about characters doing something. Catching criminals, fighting, shagging, what have you. There are stories that function most about characters feeling something. Feeling love, feeling lost, feeling change, and so on. And there are stories that try to perch on the apex of both, to have their cake and eat […]

Top 10 Writing Articles from 2020

Initiation Never Ends. I got that from The Invisibles but there are many other places you can find that sentiment. It is as true about writing as it is about anything, and maybe truer than many things. I didn’t search out as many sources of learning as I should have this year, truth told, but […]

The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

Welcome to the next installment in my Retro Reviews! This time, we’ll be visiting the gothic and horror filled fringes of the genre – if indeed this is still fantasy – with a trip through a classic collection of short stories: The King in Yellow. The genre part of this is important. Most people would […]

Top 10 Things I Listened To In 2020

Despite having a bunch of me time, I never really got into checking new music the way I wanted to. Comfort year I guess. Well, here’s a list of ten songs that definitely brought me comfort, and my wife is probably fucking sick of by now. Sorry dear. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down […]

Fellowship of the Books Tag

As many of you will have noticed, it was Tolkien’s birthday yesterday (or however many days ago it was from when you read this). I was meant to do the toast at 9pm but was distracted by playing Among Us, so I started thinking of other ways to honour the man. The best only idea […]

Top 9 Things I drank in 2020

I know I said ten. But between lockdown and the need to drink up existing stocks, we haven’t tried a whole load of new things, and I was pretty bad at recording stuff on Untappd too. Next year will have ten! But for now, here’s my top 9 things drank last year. Untitled Art Pineapple […]

The 2020 Peaties

Once upon a time there was a blogger called Rin, and in a fit of madness she posted about 10,000 ideas for end of year lists. Do I tell you this to give credit where credit is due, or so that you know who to blame for this? You’re damn right this is a blame […]

Top 10 things I Ate in 2020

Things I enjoy other than reading. Eating. Music. More eating. History. The contents of my stomach. I am all about eating. I love food, the history of food, the culture of it. Everything. It’s this great glorious thing that can light up any day. Sometimes it’s shared with so many people. Sometimes it’s this one […]

Top 10 Books Read in 2020

I would call 2020 a weird reading year for me, save that looking back at past reading years suggest it was actually very in keeping. I read a handful of new books that changed the way I read about the genre and otherwise struggled with new fiction, preferring instead to keep re-reading. I’d like to […]


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