The Good to Meetcha Tag!

So I found this tag over at The Quaint Book Nook, who got it from the creator at Bookforager. Both are fine bloggers who you should read, and I enjoyed reading their answers so much I decided to do this tag myself. What’s that in your bag? (Also, what kind of bag do you carry? […]

The Eye of the World: Chapter One to Chapter Fifteen

(Spoilers are total) The Wheel of bloody Time eh. We all know of it. Many of us have opinions of it. Strong opinions. I have to say as someone who read it long ago, I sometimes feel confused as to what the mood is towards it. For every “oh god” opinion, there’s another going “actually, […]

The Light Fantastic by Sir Terry Pratchett

The Light Fantastic, Pratchett’s second Discworld novel, cleaves closely to the model of The Colour of Magic in many ways but with notable improvements in most respects other than the amount of dragons. The one big difference is the plot, of which there was virtually none in TCoM. Nobody is award anything prizes for The […]

Knights of Dark Renown by David Gemmell

You can praise books for the deftness of their prose, for the cleverness of their plot, the acuity of their observations. Their wit. Their ability to steal you away. Sometimes though, you need to talk about the sheer power of spirit and mood. And without saying Knights of Dark Renown has nothing for those first […]

#musicmonday – Helpless by Neil Young & The Band

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ ( This week here is a performance from The Last Waltz. For those who’ve never heard of it, The Band (a band that came to prominence as Bob Dylan’s backing band, then […]

The Evil Cat Book Tag

Here is a brand new book tag, developed in collaboration with my comrade in cursed, Para of To Other Worlds. It was inspired by seeing a book tag based on cats elsewhere and thinking “goodness, this is filled with all sorts of cutesy things, where’s all the ones about cats being devious bastards?” Well, here […]

The Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens

Welcome to the next installment in my Retro Reviews! This time, we’re looking at a book written by a woman considered by some to be the mother of dark fantasy, and maybe the first American woman to publish sci-fi under her own name – although it’s not the name given here. You see, Francis Stevens […]

The ABCs of Fantasy: Favourites by Letter

I got this idea from Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub. It’s a very simple one. A book by one author per letter. In some cases, I couldn’t think of one. I will be leaving those blank with a few thoughts on possible fill-ins. I will also be using the name on the book rather than birth […]

Feist’s Additions to the Genre

(spoilers, spoilers everywhere) And so on to the third of the 80s-90s authors I perceive as major commercial successes, and who I know well enough to spout on endlessly. (For those playing along at home, I don’t like Brooks, Donaldson, Williams, or Weis & Hickman enough; I don’t perceive Lackey or Kerr as big enough, […]

Friday Five: Make You All Proud Edition

A good day to all my friends! I’m writing this the night before in a fit of unprecedented efficiency while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack (I’m sure that some of you now know exactly what song I’m now on). But more than that, when in the sort of week where I’m trying to look hard […]


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